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ECOCAMPING: enjoy.camping.sustainable.

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We campaign for more sustainability in camping tourism! As a result, we have earned the ECOCAMPING award.

ECOCAMPING e.V. helps campsites on the path to becoming more sustainable. The campsite is visited and its operation carefully examined. Individual measures for improvement are planned and form the basis for operational developments over the next few years. Additional requirements, such as the education and participation of employees, recording waste, energy and water consumption, and the creation of an ECOCAMPING report are integral parts of this project.

However, you can also help environment and climate protection! Camping holidays have a better ecological and CO2 balance than travelling abroad and overnight hotel stays. You can help improve this balance further and increase your travel funds at the same time. A few tips:

And last but not least: Enjoy your holiday!
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Naturerlebnis by ecocamping e.V.Naturerlebnis Campingplatz

The participants of the project "environmental education on camping sites in North-Rine Westfalia" attended several workshops and received on-site consultancy by ECOCAMPING. Thereby an individually tailored business plan was developed that took the unique characteristics of the site, the employees as well as the business' philosophy into account. Furthermore the design of the site was improved to provide space for wildlife and flowers as in the form of "bee-hotels" or "wild herbs gardens".

The programmes provided offer a great variety, with virtually no limits: On some camping sites fire is made without matches, to roast bread on sticks over the fire. Another programme, named 'water detectives', puts animals from lakes and rivers under the microscope. A more crafts-orientated programme is offered by building one's own bird nest or a raft. The golden thread through these activities is their focus on nature and the environment. In a playful manner natural materials are used while knowledge is transmitted. Thereby sustainability-conscious behaviour shall be encouraged that can easily be transferred and applied in everyday life.

The camping site Paderborn-Sande is very proud of its' certificate and as "much is planned for the future to implement further interesting projects for pupils and youth groups" said Michael Brusche (CEO).

Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen zur Zertifizierung Naturerlebnis-Campingplatz.