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Camping for Groups

schlange vor Zelt

Camping for groups of 3 up to 300

For large groups we offer extra services such as a separate sanitary facility for girls and boys, a designated BBQ area and an own kitchen.

For the group leaders we offer a separate caravan or block house if requested.

Of course you can still bring your own tents. Breakfast can be ordered by request through our on-site restaurant.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for prices, availabilities or for any other issue! We look forward to make a booking for you.

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Camping - Tourist sites shortterm - 2021/2022 - (valid from 01.11.2021)
Small tent up to 2 persons, car parking included - per night8,00 €
Tent up to 4 persons, car parking included - per night10,00 €
Big tent up to 10 persons, car parking included - per night 20,00 €
Motorhome/Caravan with car - per night 12,00 €
Additional bike/trike/quad - per night3,00 €
Children from 6 to 13 years - per night and person4,00 €
Youngster from 14 to 18 years - per night and person 5,00 €
Adults - per night and person7,00 €
Small tent (up to 2 persons) to hire - per night16,00 €
Big tent (up to 5 persons) to hire - per night20,00 €
Pavillon (4 x 8 m) with furniture to hire - per night35,00 €
Caravan (fully equipped) to hire - per night30,00 €
Cabin (barrel-shaped) to hire - per night40,00 €
Cabin Schwalbennest to hire - per night55,00 €
Cabin Möwennest to hire w. bathroom/kitchen a. all nec. equipment - per night65,00 €
Cabin Tinyhaus to hire w. bathroom/kitchen a. all nec. equipment - per night100,00 €
Canteen kitchen for groups to hire - per night45,00 €
Cabin (classic or barrel-shaped), Caravan, Kitchen or Pavillon - final cleaning20,00 €
Fireplace for BBQ - Open fire25,00 €
Energy supply - per day and person5,00 €